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The worst thing about heading into the Storybrooke woods at night, Belle thought, was that she didn’t have a flashlight with her. The second worst was that there was a fog coming in, and it covered up what little light filtered through the trees. When a twig snapped she tried not to let it make her nervous, and concentrated on finding a plant to match the one in her book. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as her finger slid down the page of her new “Useful Plants of Maine” field guide. Be brave, she thought, shrugging off the feeling.

She couldn’t shrug off the shadow she saw behind a tree, moving towards her. The book slid from her fingers and fell with a muffled “thump” on the ground. Something lunged at her. A great, hairy something, with piercing golden eyes, and long vicious-looking claws. For all that she dearly loved books, Belle could not take the time to retrieve it, but ran towards the path out of the woods. There was certainly a time and a place for bravery, but now was not it.

It was a tree root that felled her, leaving her sprawled on the damp ground. She didn’t have a chance to pick herself up and run again. She could hear the beast behind her as it approached. She closed her eyes, knowing she must face her fear and whatever monster pursued her. With a deep breath she prepared herself for whatever she was about to face, listening to the breathing that was too close. It was the weight of something falling onto her lap that startled her into opening her eyes.

It was a book. Her book. She frowned. What?

As she looked up she found herself face to face with a wolf, larger than any she’d ever seen. He was looking from her to the book and back again, not as if she was a meal, but as if it was waiting for something. “You’re… returning this to me?” she asked, lifting the book up between them. The wolf nodded.

A Scottish Werewolf in Storybrooke -nothingeverlost & victoriagebo

July 27, 2014
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sdcc press weak as shit smdh

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lbr delint aint washin that cheek ever again

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parents: *get home from dancing all night*
parents: hey! whatcha been doin??
me: *exits out of erotic fanfiction*
me: ...nothing

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if you think being a legendary bloodthirsty creature of the night puts rumple above begging for a ham sandwich.
you would be wrong.

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all aboard the train to hell. population: me

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ok, guys. the original winner never got back to me, so i put it through the random list thingy again and the new grand prize winner is:


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werewolf!bae has a much better attitude about wakin up butt naked in the middle of the forest than this father.
>badass hippie werewolf baelfire hell yea<

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lmao dude. we srsly supposed to believe emma swan is more impressed with hook selling his ship for her than nealfire literally dying to see her and henry again. smdh